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Ambien vivid dreams

Ambien is dangerous, never again!!!!

3.7.2017 | Brooke Lawman
Ambien vivid dreams
Ambien is dangerous, never again!!!!

Years of resisting medication, I finally allowed myself to be prescribed Ambien. Sucks not sleeping, or in my case I sleep but have vivid dreams my whole life.

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i'm so sorry! i have taken ambien before and had a really hard time waking up, it's really scary to wake up and realize the whole day is gone i have actually had phone conversations and not remember a thing! if you want to try something else i've had no problems w/ unisome or lunasita (only half a pill). but i would recommend trying it with your husband home the first couple of times to see how you react. i know it's nerve racking thinking about you kids not being able to wake you up but take comfort that you are raising them well and that they know what to do in an emergancy.

Vivid dreams & lack of sleep

9.13.2017 | Noah Brown
Ambien vivid dreams
Vivid dreams & lack of sleep

They stop the dreams, but make me sleep for 10-12 hrs, even if I take only half a pill. I just started ambien; it makes my dreams less vivid, but it.

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I've tried about 15 different sleep aids so far. I am currently on 1-2mg Xanax a night. My problem is falling asleep, not staying asleep. I've had insomnia for about 5 years now. I remember a time when I used to enjoy sleeping, now the whole process is just a pain. The strongest sleep aid I've ever tried was Zopiclone, but it only worked daily for up to 6 months before I was totally tolerant to it.

Are you on any anti-depressants? Almost all of them can cause vivid dreams.

My dreams usually aren't realistic in nature, however, sometimes they seem real...if that makes any sense.

5 hour energy ambien weird vivid dreams

12.16.2017 | Olivia Kirk
Ambien vivid dreams

Someone from Pontiac posted a whisper, which reads "5 hour energy + ambien = weird vivid dreams".

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Vivid Dreams And Ambien ProHealth Fibromyalgia, MECFS and Lyme

6.10.2017 | Olivia Kirk
Ambien vivid dreams

I have been having very weird dreams now since I started Ambien and I wondered if anyone else taking it had the same. Otherwise I get a great.

Discussion in ' Fibromyalgia Main Forum ' started by mjgkennedy, Jun 28, 2004.

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Weird surreal dreams and cancer

4.8.2017 | Olivia Kirk
Ambien vivid dreams

Last night I had a very weird surreal dream (like most dreams lol), it was very involved. I take Ambien most nights, but the Ambien dreams were vivid and the.

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